Law Practice Areas

This Law Practice Areas page explains in more detail all of the legal services that Simeone & Raynor provide in the South Jersey areas of Atlantic CountyBurlington CountyCamden CountyCape May CountyGloucester CountyMiddlesex County, Ocean County, and Salem County.

Our Legal Services:

Estate Planning Overview:

Estate PlanningThe phrase “estate planning” incorporates a variety of legal issues ranging from the most common estate planning document, a Will, to special needs trusts, Medicaid planning and a host of other documents which serve to preserve your assets and provide for your loved ones. These documents, along with your understanding of the purpose they serve, reflect your estate plan. Our attorneys do not just prepare documents, but instead, educate our clients about how each document serves a purpose in their estate plan and thereby furthers their individual goals. When it comes to estate planning, no two clients are the same. Some focus on the tax savings generated by effective planning, others on asset preservation and creditor protection and still others focus on preserving family harmony. We listen to our clients and explain the options available to them. When considering your estate plan a variety of issues may arise, such as:

How do I provide for my children of a prior marriage?

How do I ensure that a minor child or a child with special needs will be provided for during their lifetime when I’m no longer around?

Is my estate subject to New Jersey Inheritance tax, Estate tax and/or Federal Estate tax and can lifetime gifting or effective estate planning serve to reduce those taxes?

Are the proceeds from a life insurance policy taxable to my estate?

What is a Revocable Living Trust and do I need one?

How does jointly owned real property and bank accounts affect my estate plan?

The answers to these common questions provide our clients with an understanding of the value they derive from our services. For some, the questions are more complex but no matter how simple or complex, our attorneys seek to foster the trust that encourages our clients to ask questions.

Estate Litigation Overview:

Estate LitigationOur firm prides itself on its reputation in the estate litigation field. We are committed to providing effective and efficient representation in a variety of estate litigation matters. Estate litigation has and continues to rapidly evolve and as such, clients seeking representation in this area are encouraged to seek experienced counsel who specialize in this field.

Estate Litigation no longer refers simply to a Will challenge, instead, it may include claims against an Executor or administrator for a breach of his or her fiduciary duty, claims against a joint account holder who unduly influenced an elderly individual and absconded with their funds, or the improper and unlawful use of a power of attorney. Our offices aggressively litigates estate matters by crafting comprehensive discovery demands and utilizing motion practice to secure both the assets in dispute and the evidence necessary to establish our client’s case. We are also cognizant of the costs associated with estate litigation and as such, discuss various options with clients in order to avoid unnecessary costs and maintain family harmony where appropriate.

Where a client seeks to challenge a Will or similar testamentary instrument, our office acts quickly to preserve our client’s right to contest the document in question. Generally, a New Jersey resident only has FOUR (4) MONTHS from the date the Will is admitted to probate to challenge the validity of that document. Because of this narrow timeframe, it is critical that individuals seeking representation act quickly and retain experienced counsel.

Estate Administration Overview:

Estate AdministrationWhen a close family member or loved one passes away, it is often too difficult to think about retaining an attorney, paying estate and inheritance taxes, disclaiming assets where appropriate and the variety of other obligations and duties which may arise as a result of you being appointed as an executor, trustee or administrator. For some, there is immediate uncertainty and they wonder: How do I become an executor? If there is no Will do I have a right to be appointed as an administrator? Does the estate need to be probated? What is probate? Who is the Surrogate and what is their purpose? Do I need a bond?

Our attorneys understand the emotional impact that clients feel as a result of the loss and the uncertainty that can arise in attempting to administer an estate. As a result, our office discusses the various options available to them regarding our representation. For some clients, our role may be limited and we may only be requested to file the appropriate tax returns or provide limited legal services.

Our office provides a level of service commensurate with our client’s needs. We take into account the emotional impact of our client’s loss, their time constraints and the costs associated with our services. By discussing these factors we tailor our services to provide efficient and effective representation to all of our clients. Unlike some firms, our office does not normally charge flat fees or fees based on a percentage of a client’s estate as those fees are often disproportionate to the services rendered.

Real Estate Services Overview:

Real Estate ServicesResidential real estate transactions are not always simple proceedings, and often represent the largest single purchase an individual will make during his or her lifetime. Despite the significance of this purchase, many individuals have chosen to make these substantial financial commitments without the independent advice of counsel. As your legal counsel, our office will represent your particular interests in the transaction, while keeping the process efficient and cost-effective. We ensure that our clients will leave the closing table feeling confident and protected.

In the commercial context and for investors, our experienced legal team provides extensive services. These services include business entity formation, purchase and sale negotiation and structuring, tax consultation, zoning and land use, contract preparation, lease review and preparation and environmental consultation. Our real estate clients include investors, real estate professionals with commercial clients, developers, small business owners, condominium associations and landlords. We have also represented owners and tenants in condemnation proceedings involving takings by eminent domain.

Finally, during these difficult economic times, our office has continued its commitment to our clients by aggressively pursuing property tax appeals to reduce the expenses associated with the ownership of residential and commercial real estate. We also help our client’s maximize the value of their properties by obtaining subdivision approval, zoning and use variances. When it comes to real estate matters, Simeone & Raynor is a well known and well respected name in the field.

Condo Association Services Overview:

Condo Association ServicesSimeone & Raynor has over 25 years of experience in the area of homeowner, condominium and community association law and represents over 50 associations in South Jersey. Our attorneys and staff work with management companies as well as self-managed associations, large or small, to assist them in their operation of the association. We provide a full range of legal advice and services to our various association clients. Our firm is committed to a prompt response that finds an effective resolution to many of the issues which confront associations. Furthermore, our strong customer service means calls are answered promptly and clients and unit owners are treated with courtesy and respect.

Business Services Overview:

Business owners are often confronted with a wide array of issues ranging from contracts with suppliers and purchasers to employment issues and litigation. At Simeone & Raynor, our attorneys understand the complexity of running a business and the impact that such a commitment entails.

We offer experienced business attorneys who are knowledgeable and can help make even the most difficult situation a less stressful and time consuming process. For those individuals who are just starting a new business, our attorneys can offer direction regarding real estate purchases, leasing options, business formation, tax planning, employment contracts and business purchases. For those individuals or entities who have developed their business, our office can offer a comprehensive review of legal issues which can arise during the growth stage of a business as well as offer guidance on business expansion through acquisition, merger or new investors.

Our attorneys, also, aggressively represent business clients in various litigation matters such as employment lawsuits, partnership and shareholder disputes and a myriad of contract litigation. Litigation can have a devastating impact to a company’s bottom line and negatively affect the morale of business owners as well as their employees. Because of the foregoing, we strive to efficiently and effectively resolve disputed matters by bringing to bear our knowledge, experience and litigation skills on the issue in conflict. The attorneys at Simeone & Raynor pride themselves on listening to their client’s needs and developing sensible solutions to their problems.