Condo Association Services

Experienced Condominium, Community and Homeowner Association Representation

Condo Association ServicesCondominium, community and homeowner associations are unique small businesses. Each owner/member of a property within the community has a stake in their association. Unresolved disputes or financial problems will have a significant impact on the happiness and financial reward everyone receives from his or her property ownership. That’s why it is important to work with a law firm that both understands New Jersey law and New Jersey association law!

Simeone & Raynor has over 25 years of experience in the area of homeowner, condominium and community association law and represents over 50 associations in South Jersey. Our attorneys and staff work with management companies as well as self-managed associations, large or small, to assist them in their operation of the association. Our firm is committed to a prompt response that finds an effective resolution to many of the issues which confront associations. Furthermore, our strong customer service means calls are answered promptly and clients and unit owners are treated with courtesy and respect.

We provide a full range of legal advice and services. If a unit owner is behind in assessment payments, we conduct the appropriate activities to include collection notices, filing law suits and seeking judgment, recording notices of lien claims in the county land records, seeking possession of the unit if necessary, and post-judgment collection efforts to recover monies due to our clients. We focus our efforts on resolving issues for our clients before matters escalate to litigation.

When a unit owner/member is involved in a bankruptcy or foreclosure action that involves their property, our attorneys are experienced in assessing the merits of whether or not the association should intervene in the bankruptcy or foreclosure action to attempt to recover any amounts due to it from the owner/member.

Our attorneys are experienced in interpreting the association’s governing documents when a dispute or inquiry arises between the association, unit owner/member or other party regarding assessments, maintenance issues, rules and regulations, fining procedures and director or officer duties. We have vast experience in assisting associations’ boards with governing document review and revision, providing notice to unit owners/members and recording amended documents. We represent associations, as necessary, before municipal boards, code enforcement entities, public utilities and the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.