Legal Business Services

Simeone and Raynor Legal Business Services South JerseyBusiness owners are often confronted with a wide array of issues ranging from contracts with suppliers and purchasers to employment issues and litigation. At Simeone & Raynor, our attorneys understand the complexity of running a business and the impact that such a commitment entails.

We offer experienced legal business attorneys who are knowledgeable and can help make even the most difficult situation a less stressful and time consuming process. For those individuals who are just starting a new business, our attorneys can offer direction regarding real estate purchases, leasing options, business formation, tax planning, employment contracts and business purchases. For those individuals or entities who have developed their business, our office can offer a comprehensive review of legal issues which can arise during the growth stage of a business as well as offer guidance on business expansion through acquisition, merger or new investors.

Simeone and Raynor Legal Business Services South Jersey NJOur attorneys, also, aggressively represent business clients in various litigation matters such as employment lawsuits, partnership and shareholder disputes and a myriad of contract litigation. Litigation can have a devastating impact to a company’s bottom line and negatively affect the morale of business owners as well as their employees. Because of the foregoing, we strive to efficiently and effectively resolve disputed matters by bringing to bear our knowledge, experience and litigation skills on the issue in conflict. The attorneys at Simeone & Raynor pride themselves on listening to their client’s needs and developing sensible solutions to their problems.